The Punch Jones Diamond, Appalachia’s Hidden Gem

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In this captivating episode of Stories of Appalachia, we delve into the lucky discovery that forever altered the lives of a father and son in Monroe County, West Virginia. Join Steve Gilly and Rod Mullins as they recount the day in 1928 when a simple game of horseshoes unearthed a treasure that would remain hidden in plain sight for 15 years. 

Hear the tale of the Punch Jones Diamond, an alluvial gem weighing a staggering 34.48 carats, and its journey from an ordinary backyard to the record books as North America’s largest diamond of its kind. But riches and records aside, this story takes unexpected turns, from a World War II tragedy to a family’s unique claim to fame that even caught the eye of President Franklin Roosevelt.

Discover the mystery of how the diamond ended up where it was, the theories that abound, and the legacy left behind by the Jones family. It’s an Appalachian story of luck, loss, and the twists of fate that can change fortunes overnight. 

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