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Deathwind in the Wilderness: The Lewis Wetzel Story

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Today we venture into the untamed wilderness of the late 18th-century Appalachian frontier, along the Ohio River. In this episode of Stories of Appalachia, Steve and Rod unearth the life and lore of Lewis Wetzel, a man whose name is etched in the annals of history as a fearless pioneer, frontiersman, and Indian fighter.    

Join us on a journey through time as we trace Wetzel’s origins from uncertain beginnings to his rise as a formidable force known for his exceptional weapon skills who earned the name “Deathwind.” We’ll recount his harrowing escape from capture at just 13 years old, his notorious reputation that stirred a mix of fear and admiration, and the long, dark ponytail that became his trademark among the ladies of the frontier.    

But Wetzel’s story is not without its shadows. We explore the controversial actions and the thirst for vengeance that drove him to extremes.  From daring jailbreaks to a life’s end shrouded in mystery, this is a tale that mirrors the complexities of the Appalachian frontier itself.    

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